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Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

Highland Pop Warner Monthly Meeting 12/12/2022 Highland Fire Station #2 

Call to Order Board Member             Present

  • ●  Dave Weisz, President YES/NO

  • ●  Gip Dills, VP YES/NO

  • ●  Carrissa Groen, Secretary YES/NO

  • ●  Patty Torres, Treasurer YES/NO

  • ●  Ken Sperry, Director of Football Operations YES/NO

  • ●  Destinee Manyek, Director of Cheer Operations YES/NO

  • ●  Tom Groen, Football Equipment Manager YES/NO

  • ●  OPEN, IT & Communications Coordinator YES/NO

  • ●  Bridget Eckrich, Football Business Manager YES/NO

  • ●  Jeannette Ramirez, Cheer Business Manager YES/NO

  • ●  Natalie Fusner, Scholastics Director YES/NO

  • ●  Shannon Dills, Spirit Wear Director YES/NO

  • ●  Jen O’Donnell, Fundraiser Director YES/NO

  • ●  Brenda Podkul, Sponsorship Chairperson YES/NO

1. Secretary Approval of Minutes of 11/07/22 meeting

2. President Announcement  - Florida competition went well and elections are coming up

3. Vice President Announcement - 

 4. Treasurer Report - checking account $16,145.85 cheer fund $11,348.27

  1. Paid bills - 

  2. Upcoming expenses include: storage locker, helmets (approximately $8,100), IDs, trophies, approved new sh

  3. Will be handing out volunteer fee reimbursements at awards banquet 

  4. Cheer owes $5,000 to general fund approved to pay back in December 2022

5. Football Overview

  1. HELMETS!! - getting picked up tomorrow 12/12/22 by Riddell

6. Cheer Overview - 

  1. Griffith Winter showcase 12.18.22 JV will perform

  2. Jv will be offered a TN competition - board decided to not offer it to all of the teams. 

  3. Patty is creating flyers for cheer

  4. Opening cheer registration January 2 through January 23rd

  5. New athletes will need a new player contract and a physical dated through July 1st

  6. Scheduling in person January 21st

  7. Minimum requirement for cheering at flag games will be 2 games up to the coaches discretion   

  8. HHS showcase april or may preferably a saturday - need to get date and start working on volunteers 

7. Scholastics Overview - 16 students confirmed 

  1. When is their banquet? Spring

8. Fundraising Overview

  1. Parents night out profits $1,076

9. Equipment Overview

  1. Sending out helmets 12/13/22

  2. Purchased 2 shoulder pad racks that are on sale 

10. Spirit Wear Overview

  1. Selling yard signs for $25 each - football or cheer

11. IT & Communications Overview

  1. Any suggestions for any more info to be posted on social media or the HPW website? Post about parents night out, fundraisers, banquet and election. 

  2. Post and email about banquet, elections, jv showcase at griffith

12. Sponsorships - 

  1. Who have we reached out to? 

  2. Any new sponsorships?

  3. Issues on who to reach out to….

13. Old Business

  1. Banquet December 16th

  2. Working on shirts for banquet

  3. Trophies are ordered

  4. New bi laws read for the first time

  5. Work on 12U flag football team for the spring

14. New Business

  1. New bi laws read for the second time and voted in

  2. Elections coming changing date from December 16 to December 14th for Executive board elections

  3. Spring pricing and dates - pricing will stay the same. $100 for Jr Tiny

  4. Posters for schools to pass out for cheer - Patty will be doing this before christmas break

  5. Banquet - Mced by Mike Berry, starting with Jr Tiny cheer and then by seniority 

15. Open Floor

  1. Parent Comments/Questions/Concerns

    1. Complaint about Tennessee competition and that Destinee Manyek, Cheer Coordinator is favoring her team and not including all of the other teams. It was stated that the fall head coaches should have been given the option to travel to Tennessee for a February 18th competition.

Let the complaint know that the board made the decision to not include the other four cheer teams in the Tennessee competition and that in fact it was not the cheer coordinators decision. The cheer coordinator actually asked for us to consider all teams but after further conversation the board decided not to. Reasons are not limited to but include;

  1. As far as letting the fall head coaches decide a spring competition - it is not the same season. Two of the other four cheerleading squads are not having the same head coach return back for the spring season. Those two teams' new head coaches have not been officially declared.  The third team's head coach was not an official returning head coach for the spring and finally, the fourth team is coached by a collection of coaches from the other teams.        

  2. Cost was a huge factor. The JV team was the only team that fundraised for Nationals in Florida and did not receive a bid to go, therefore; they all still have all of their fundraising money from the Fall of 2022. Two of the other teams were given all of their fundraising money for the Nationals competition in December in Florida while the other two teams were not allowed to fundraise in the fall due to no traveling competition. It was felt that the financial burden would have been too much to expect from families who did not have a travel fund. We did not want to put that much strain on families especially after just getting returning from Nationals and it being a holiday season.

  3. It would be a new season so the factor of new athletes and new families not having the opportunity to find out with the returning parents in December about the February competition and only giving them a month time frame before expecting them to travel without any time to fundraise beforehand.  

  4. Also the amount of practice and pressure that would be on the girls to change a routine if not all of the same girls were returning or any new athletes came in. They would have to relearn the routine which would also be putting a lot of pressure on coaches as well.

  5. Ultimately, these were just a few of the reasons why the JV team would be the only team offered the TN competition. 

Meeting Adjourned    6:49 pm


















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1. Jill Kreis

2. Deanna Flores

3. Sandy Smith











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